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 Subject: New Poser Wishlist

EClark1894 opened this issue on Jul 07, 2019 · 587 posts

  false1 ( posted at 12:10PM Tue, 09 July 2019 

[ockham]( posted at 12:57PM Tue, 09 July 2019 - [#4356466](#msg4356466) > Collapse the goddamn hierarchy. I can go for that. Beyond that though, 90% of their focus should be figures and content. That's what's been killing Poser, lack of content and figures. It's pathetic to think there are only two decent modern male or child figures. That would be Dusk and Luna by a competing marketplace. Creating figures and content is Rendo's specialty so it should be fairly low hanging fruit and it would allow Poser to start regaining mindshare by posting and promoting high quality figures and content. Do it now because who knows when another version of Poser will be available (and it better be killer when it drops).


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