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 Subject: New Poser Wishlist

EClark1894 opened this issue on Jul 07, 2019 · 588 posts

  EClark1894 ( posted at 4:25AM Tue, 09 July 2019 · edited on 4:26AM Tue, 09 July 2019

[KarinaKiev]( posted at 5:21AM Tue, 09 July 2019 - [#4356535](#msg4356535) > @ ECLARK1894: > Why shouldn't it be in each single actor? > > Every figure is different, and what I wish collapsed in figure1 I might wish to have expanded in figure2. So a master hierarchy list would be way too inflexible. > > Or think of chains with 50 or 100 links in a scene: > You certainly don't need nor want them expanded all the time if all you need to do is select a couple of other props. > > Or a scene with many, many props: if you want to pose a figure in suchh a scene it can become a pain. SO collapse all props and their parented props to focus on the essential figures only. > After you saved your scene like this, next time to open it all your collapsed items would be still collapsed. > > All this can only be achieved if the flag is saved with every single figure, actor and prop (like Poser already does with the "subdivide" parameters). > > Karina I'm not against it being in every single actor, but I can see where I might want to collapse everything figure in a scene by default and only open certain hierarchies to work on, such as figures used in crowds or distance shots.

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