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 Subject: New Poser Wishlist

EClark1894 opened this issue on Jul 07, 2019 · 587 posts

  JoEtzold ( posted at 9:58AM Sun, 07 July 2019 

To have new gimmicks in Poser is for sure very fine, but a real true advantage in first level would be to correct all the longtime bugs which can in the one or other case be named as no longer a bug but a feature. For example: (not sure if in P11 but in P2014) If Poser is in need to search a file equal if texture (bad) or a object (very bad) it is omitting the pathname and only working with the filename. So even if you have different multiple runtimes you have to assure that all filenames are unique cause otherwise it will happen that Poser is loading the wrong stuff. And this is very difficult to change, impossible without renaming the duplicates hard on drive which means also renaming all in cr2, pp2, etc. By the way to have a better handling with lots of scroll down lists would be nice and easy makeble, for example the list of loaded textures with a big scene can be horrible long and unhandy. Other example: Often if you change a material via pz2 or mt5 to a transparent stuff the complete clothing is vanishing on screen. Most often this happens with hair. I'm not sure if this is a bug depending on graphics card or driver but it happened on each of my different cards and also on different windows versions and equal if hardware support or software support is choosen in Poser. So looks more fundamental. Cause it doesn't happen if loading fresh from drive (cr2 or scene) I found a work around going into the material room and disconnecting only one tranparency node and connecting it again. This will bring all the vanished stuff back with correct settings. In this surrounding also belongs that Poser is not everytime updating the screen view correctly if you change something in material room. Also a problem in material room is that textures are often not shown with their right size in preview like they shall come and realy come in the render. All these problems have been brought to information of the SM-supprt team since long time, it often was a truely long and difficult process. Special if examples are made with V4 and not a Poser own figure allthough the problem was absolutely figure independ. This I hope will get much much better with Rendo cause supporting/selling for all figures. And special from my own programmer experience I hope that third party stuff like flash etc. is coming out of Poser or at least with more tolerance used. Third party stuff is fine to get quicker in development but everytime you become bound to strange dependencies, e.g. you can not steer or control if or when and what in the third party stuff will be updated and if such a update is friendly to your application. If I'm willing and have the time I will remember to more of these longtime "features" ... 😇 ... so it could also been a good idea to scan the source code of Poser for duplicate code snippets and have them only once, e.g. the complete directory path handling seems so. This is for sure a great task in the beginning but makes the code much more better usable for future updates/upgrades ...