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 Subject: Poser Has a New Base Figure!!

stallion opened this issue on Jan 29, 2019 · 936 posts

  qaz ( posted at 7:24PM Tue, 23 April 2019 

[Afrodite-Ohki]( posted at 7:00PM Tue, 23 April 2019 - [#4350574](#msg4350574) > [qaz]( posted at 5:57PM Tue, 23 April 2019 - [#4350565](#msg4350565) > > A number of artists have rendered La Femme with a cunning hand covering the mouth. With good reason. So the idea is to sort out any problems so guys can render close ups of face without fear.(Not talking about Afrodite's pose above !) > > LMAO! I guarantee it wasn't intentional. I have a pose set I made years ago for V4, that I ported into every figure I worked with after that and I'm now porting into La Femme, and that's one of the poses that would allow me to show the bracelet in a close up. :joy: > > Anyway, I'm curious about what problem you found in La Femme's mouth! I haven't noticed anything strange. As I said, I wasn't referring to yours. There are a few that cover up the mouth completely. Probably best I stay clear of any critique.