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 Subject: OT: The best thing about a prostate examination...

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  mrsparky ( posted at 10:57AM Fri, 19 April 2019 

Had a camera put down once- fortunately not up :)- and being a professional wimp opted for the "knock out" option. They'd give me something that left me feeling a little - won't deny not unpleasantly - woozy, but the camera lady wasn't quite ready. Then she stormed in, she'd been stuck in traffic for over an hour, yelled at the nurses for how they'd set things up and said I had to move. So feeling a bit nervous about the lady, more dopey than usual and with no glasses on, I walked the wrong way around the table. Straight into all the wires and pulled all their machines over :)

Pinky - you left the lens cap of your mind on again.