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 Subject: OT: The best thing about a prostate examination...

SamTherapy opened this issue on Apr 15, 2019 · 28 posts

  SamTherapy ( posted at 10:45PM Tue, 16 April 2019 

Hey, MrSparky, thank you for the support. As far as it goes, prostate cancer - if caught soon enough - is the most treatable of all male cancers. Mrs Therapy's stepdad (can't really call him father in law, since we're the same age) had prostate cancer two years ago, but because it was diagnosed in the early stages, he's had effective treatment and is fully in the clear. For the record, his PSA levels were double mine at the time. I've had no problems getting a PSA test regularly; in fact, I'm down for it every 3 months. I think it's partly because I'm an ex smoker, so my overall risk is higher, or something along those lines. In any case, guys, get tested and make sure it's a regular thing. Better a doctor's finger up yer jacksie once in a while than the lid being nailed down on a pine box, right?

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