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 Subject: OT: The best thing about a prostate examination...

SamTherapy opened this issue on Apr 15, 2019 · 28 posts

  mrsparky ( posted at 9:30PM Tue, 16 April 2019 

Fair play to you Sam for being beyond open about this, us blokes are usually really bad about this kinda thing. In the UK about 1 in every 8 men get diagnosed, and around 11,000 men die, each year. Indeed I know quite a few guys get this, 2 of those being near neighours. In part that's due to no mass screening programme, which the core charity says is down to the way PSA test isn't reliable enough yet. But they say most cases are down to blokes being embrassed about seeing their doctor. OK sure the tests are not exactly fun, but since some of my friends got it I now get a PSA test and exam every year. Yes at times had to demand it and argue my corner to get the test and yes some years the test shows a high level, apparently that's normal. But it's worth it as when caught early enough then treatment is 99.99% successful and after a while everything works fine. So come on chaps, **be like Sam and be a hero** and take 5 minutes to get tested.

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