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 Subject: Poser Has a New Base Figure!!

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  thoennes ( posted at 9:11PM Sun, 17 March 2019 

In a complete thread aside: it would be nice if forum threading was more like branching, with side conversations branching off and a nice magic GUI that made that easier to navigate. I'm a graphic representation person. I enjoy the side conversations, the opinions, debates, related topics, esoteric stuff, bugs, tech stuff, etc. Good stuff, but it can take over and grind a thread down. Especially for people coming late to the thread (hand raised, here) where going though 25 pages take a while. Nice for the main trunk to stay on topic (patches, releases, tutorials, renders, related products, etc.) . But I also like to see the side conversations. Much learning and, in fact, socializing there. We now return you to your regular thread, already in progress. La Femme (actually, all custom characters)... question. I followed the method of dialing in my own custom character. Exported the mesh as OBJ. Loaded it back as a morph. Then I had a little weirdness with the eyes. If I moved them up-down, there was minor poke through in the face. Then I re-read some stuff and clicked the "match centers to morph" which corrected the problem, but now things don't parent exactly right. I notice it with the cornea objects. Am I not doing this correctly? Since the character is a collection of existing morph dials (and one minor shaping morph I made), wouldn't the better way be to just save those settings, along with the injection necessary for each morph? Is there a way to do this in poser without editing or using external programs? I'd prefer that.