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 Subject: Poser Has a New Base Figure!!

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  Glitterati3D ( posted at 7:33PM Sun, 17 March 2019 

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.

[Afrodite-Ohki]( posted at 8:30PM Sun, 17 March 2019 - [#4348254](#msg4348254) > Can we please, please keep in mind that this figure has only been released for like over a month and content creators are, at the very least, still learning her kinks and features? I for instance spent two days trying to rig a conforming bra only to realize there were actual bones for her breasts that I'd forgotten to import when I started the rig - and then I had to load the obj, load the bones in the setup room all over again, then copy every weight map that I'd already painted into this new figure one by one, because I didn't know how those pose chips work. > > And then I immediately went "ooooh!" and now it's a breeze again. I'm loving to work with her. But some of us were, until now, stuck with using tools that date back to Poser 6 - because we were still attempting to make things that would port well to DS. > > I loaded default LaFemme, chose some nice lights, clicked the face camera and hit render and she made me gasp in awe. That's more than I could ask for from a base figure already. Exactly, Afrodite! This is my first ever render with La Femme within an hour of unzipping her files. Please excuse the nudity, I was trying to get a feel for her bends, movement and overall use. ![FirstRender.jpg](