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 Subject: Poser Has a New Base Figure!!

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  qaz ( posted at 7:10PM Sun, 17 March 2019 

[movida]( posted at 6:37PM Sun, 17 March 2019 - [#4348238](#msg4348238) > [qaz]( posted at 5:01PM Sun, 17 March 2019 - [#4348209](#msg4348209) > > > I am not going to get into an argument over this. Ulrika is not meant to be attractive, she is meant to be average, Its a base. Attraction is NOT a subjective thing. Daz knows how to create attractive figures, and that is what La Femme must be compared with. If I cannot produce a La Femme figure at least equal to my V4 figures, its garbage. > > I have kept my big mouth shut so far, but I do take issue with the statement that DAZ knows how to create attractive figures. DAZ sells sex and volume. Some are attractive, but it's the PA not DAZ - unless they give parameters for figure creation. I get really sick of supposed adult female characters posing with their fingers in their mouths in the promo's. Some of them are so cookie cutter that I laugh to myself and consider them the wal-mart of figure producers. Blujaunte is exceptional (to me anyway), If you can't produce an attractive figure with LaFemme why is it the fault of the figure? Daz originals are Daz aren't they - Victoria 8, Bridget 8 etc. I agree with you it is cookie cutter, pretty pretty. And you know why ? Sex sells. Why on Earth are Hollywood actors ridiculously attractive ? Well who wants to pay good money to sit for a couple of hours to watch ugly people. Cheaper to just look in the mirror. Sex sells. That is why the slut wear is piled a mile high. That is what people are buying. I get the impression that the guys on the forum would rather render figures that you are more likely to see in Roswell than on a cat walk. Well good luck with that, sorry, but you are completely unrepresentative of the paying public. Some of the better Genesis figures are due to good textures and HD morphs, as well as good artists. I think its a little early for La Femme to compete there, but I guess in principal that is possible.