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 Subject: Poser Has a New Base Figure!!

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  operaguy ( posted at 6:56PM Sun, 17 March 2019 

[start opinion ...] The two enemies are: 1) raccoon eyes; and 2) symmetry. 1) A woman is not a raccoon, or panda. She is not born with heavy black eyeliner top and bottom. Yet promo renders relentlessly perpetuate raccoonism. Here's why: the lack of complexity in the mesh and skin map around the eyes of all default figures, if not hidden, is a dead give-away that you are viewing a dead doll, not a person. Human beings key on eyes when encountering others. Rather than solve this by complicating the mesh and/or skin map, vendors cover it up. Like .... a mask! The window of the soul should not look dead. I once interacted with a 'famous' vendor here about this, and she finally admitted that the eyeliner must be there, because now customers expect it, and think 'something is wrong and missing' without it. Sales go nowhere. 2) symmetry. I should say unrelenting, rigid, fascist symmetry. Thou shalt not show an unbalanced expression. Yes, I know, there is a meme that 'attractive' faces are the ones with high symmetry. Well guess what? Not perfect perfect perfect symmetry computer-generated identical left/right. If you look closely at an attractive face, man or woman, yes, there is a high degree of symmetry, but the tiny, teasing, cute little 'faults' cinch home the delight. [end opinion] P.S. Luckily, these faults can be easily defeated in all our figures, including V4 and La Femme. Close your eyes if a default shows up in your pose window ... dial a morph, quickly, so you don't damage your aesthetic sensibility. ::::: Opera :::::