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 Subject: Poser Has a New Base Figure!!

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  Glitterati3D ( posted at 6:51PM Sun, 17 March 2019 

[operaguy]( posted at 7:50PM Sun, 17 March 2019 - [#4348241](#msg4348241) > Bad characters and promos are not the fault of DAZ, Rendo, or SmithMicro. If you are offering a model of the human person for sale, it is your responsibility to provide the tools and power to let the user find truth. Just the tools. > > I just took a look at Blujaunte at DAZ. Yep, those characters and the promo renders are special. They evoke reality. I fell in love with Lyra. > > Salute! > > :: og :: Can we have just ONE thread about La Femme, please? This is not about DAZ, V4, promos or anything else. Just La Femme. For someone who didn't want to inject V4 into the La Femme thread, you sure are doing a lousy job of it.