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 Subject: La Femme - Included face and body morphs

Deecey opened this issue on Feb 06, 2019 · 8 posts

  Deecey ( posted at 9:56AM Fri, 08 March 2019 

Actually I have another question ... You said " i'd much rather dial body morphs for some of these rather than copy/paste per limb." Are you using Poser 11? (La Femme is designed for Poser 11 and above ... using her in earlier versions will not take advantage of all the features included in her). In Poser 11, you shouldn't need to copy/paste morph settings on each limb. The "Master Sync" feature in Poser 11 will drive all like-named morphs from any body part you dial in from. In other words, if you have the forearm selected and dial in the "Muscular" morph, any other body part that is affected by the "Muscular" morph will also get dialed in. I'm also not sure why you are not seeing the FBM dials. The folders are collapsed in the BODY actor but you should see FBM folders.