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 Subject: Poser Has a New Base Figure!!

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  3D-Mobster ( posted at 10:31AM Wed, 30 January 2019 · edited on 10:34AM Wed, 30 January 2019

Just a quick list of the what I find to be the best and worse things as I see them. But in general I think its a very cool and good quality character, big thumbs up for that. Hopefully those that created her will do some updates for her if needed. Which is why I wanted to give my feedback and so others that might want to know a bit more about her can get some more information. **Good** - Very light mesh only around 26k poly, which makes it a joy to work with so if you need a lot of characters in you scene or doesn't have the best computer in the world its a very good choice I think.. - Good control of the varies body parts and features. Such as inner, mid and outer eye brows. You can control the ears as well, so in general a lots of facial control which you would expect in a character today. She seems to bend very well, and for those that are used to V4, La femme have an extra waist bone, which allow for smoother bending of the torso, which is nice. - Material setting for both Firefly and Superfly, using a lot of procedural nodes. whether this is considered good or bad, probably comes down to an individual taste. Obviously you can get a lot of details into the skin that way, but if you are not strong in the material room, it might not be easy to control individual settings. Also it can appear sort of like noise in the skin, which might require higher render settings. - Good feet and toe control, very cool. **Bad** - My biggest concern with her, is her hands and especially the fingers. Which to me seems sort of "witch like" or very skinny. ![Hand_1_a.jpg]( ![Hand_2_a.jpg]( ![Hand_3_a.jpg]( I hope they are still planning on updating her and would definitely suggest that the fingers are smoothed out a bit and made less skinny to give them a more natural look as seen in the last image. In regard to the hand, which is not really a bad thing as its like that in all models as far as I know. But the ability to curl the hand, simply to add more flexibility, especially when posing hands interacting with objects. - Even though the character have a very light mesh and that is good, which rely on subdivision during rendering to get the smooth look, I would have liked if the character had shipped with a higher polygon mesh as well. Maybe with twice or three times the amount of polygons. Simply to make it possible to better customize the character using Zbrush or some other tool. Working with such a low mesh can cause issues if to huge changes to the mesh is made or details are added. Making you rely on normal maps, which can only go so far. So hopefully they will add that option. - There seem to be some dial issues with certain sensitivity dials not being the same. So these need to be corrected, either by saving the character again with the changes or fixed in notepad++ or simply ignored. But all in all a very good character which is well needed for Poser :) And again really hope they fix the fingers and add a high dense mesh as well, as it would make her a lot better. So congrats to those that made her, really well done. :D