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 Subject: Exporting Michael 4 & Victoria 4 characters from Poser

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  ModeratorReallusion ( posted at 3:15AM Wed, 30 January 2019 

[me195]( posted at 3:12AM Wed, 30 January 2019 - [#4344186](#msg4344186) > Can this process be used to convert Hivewire3d figures Dawn and Dusk Characters directly from Poser? I asked this because I have tried it out myself and it failed. I could have been doing something wrong as I am very new to CC3 and Iclone. Although I have had a fairly good amount of success converting v4 characters to CC3. I am aware of the process of converting the hivewire3d characters through Daz Studio, but I have a lot of content for Dawn and Dusk that is poser only. I would rather just convert all of my characters from poser anyway. Hi me195, The compatible bases & engines are - Daz Studio: Genesis 1, 2, 3, 8, M4, V4, Hivewire Character - Poser: M4, V4 Character The next compatible models will be M3, V4. I will check the roadmap and get back to you. :)