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 Subject: Poser Has a New Base Figure!!

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  operaguy ( posted at 12:07AM Wed, 30 January 2019 · edited on 12:08AM Wed, 30 January 2019

LaFemme with "procedural SSS," FaceNatural MU, blue eyes. IrisFlat = 2.312 Optics on Cornea Left eye = -2.140 Optics on Cornea Right eye = 0 Old school lights with depth-mapped shadows, no IBL or dome. FireFly render, no GI, pushed settings for pixel samples and min shade rate Understanding the eyes would take a lot of concentration, testing, interaction. The actors of the eye are far different than V4. I didn't know what to do with the cornea prop, so I just threw in a random setting for each eye. If I were going to get serious about LaFemme, I would seek to "complicate" the mesh around the eyes with morph brush and given morphs, to give it more character. The default is over simple. ::::: Opera ::::: ![2222222.jpg](