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 Subject: Exporting Michael 4 & Victoria 4 characters from Poser

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  ModeratorReallusion ( posted at 8:12PM Wed, 09 January 2019 

[PenelopeFlynn]( posted at 7:54PM Wed, 09 January 2019 - [#4343062](#msg4343062) > Attempting to be as diplomatic as I can under the circumstances... I believe that the more appropriate response is to figure out how to provide those who were interested in the product with the functionality that RL promoted. I believe the best remedy would be to offer Renderosity members the bundle that included Pipeline.... the one that was found on the RL website but which for some reason was not offered to us, here. This is the request I intended to make to RL. However if there is something about the functionality that you are concerned about such that you suggest that I get a refund instead, please let me know. Thank you. Hi PenelopeFlynn, The CC Edition of the packages we offer here is the Pipeline Edition, because the Transformer function is what Renderosity users need. That's why you see different packages in RL Store and Renderosity Store. That will be great if you can point out what most confuses you when purchasing, we will enhance this part to prevent this from happening again. Thank you!