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 Subject: Exporting Michael 4 & Victoria 4 characters from Poser

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  PenelopeFlynn ( posted at 3:53AM Fri, 04 January 2019 

[ModeratorReallusion]( posted at 3:43AM Fri, 04 January 2019 - [#4343005](#msg4343005) > [PenelopeFlynn]( posted at 2:07AM Thu, 03 January 2019 - [#4342744](#msg4342744) > > > BEWARE!! I was so excited about the prospect of exporting my Poser characters to use in iclone7. I got my husband to buy a Character Creator 3/iclone7 bundle plus some extras from the Reallusion site for me as a Christmas gift. But the bundle that is offered here as well as the one I purchased straight from Reallusion doesn't even do the thing that we Poser users have bought it for. I used the trial then got the Reallusion bundle that was just like the one we are offered on Renderosity except I opted for the 3DXchange instead of Iray. However when I loaded it, the FBX importing function was not there even though it was in the trial version; even though the ad for the seminar I took doesn't reference Character Creator 3 Pipeline but includes the statement that the new CC3 give us all these capabilities. The ONLY bundles offered by Reallusion that have the Character Creator 3 Pipeline are the Holiday bundles offered on their site which I originally thought were the same as the thing I bought. Only after I made my purchase did I realize that we weren't offered the "pipeline" in our bundle or the bundle that was offered to me in the email from Reallusion. I am $398 in, and in order to get the pipeline capabilities I got this for in the first place, I have to pay an additional $149 for the privilege (And that's the "member" price). I have now paid for and loaded an entire system that doesn't do what I need it to do and I am too ashamed and embarrassed to tell my husband that I have wasted the money he gave me to buy this gift. SMH.! [Reallusion Ad.JPG]( > > Hi PenelopeFlynn, > > Thanks for addressing this out and kindly reminding anyone who might get confused as you did. > I would suggest you to contact RL Support Team to ask for the refund. > > > To others: > > Here is the comparison table of two CC editions. > > > > The CC edition sold at Renderosity site is the **Pipeline edition** which has the function to import your Daz & Poser characters into the program. Attempting to be as diplomatic as I can under the circumstances... I believe that the more appropriate response is to figure out how to provide those who were interested in the product with the functionality that RL promoted. I believe the best remedy would be to offer Renderosity members the bundle that included Pipeline.... the one that was found on the RL website but which for some reason was not offered to us, here. This is the request I intended to make to RL. However if there is something about the functionality that you are concerned about such that you suggest that I get a refund instead, please let me know. Thank you.