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 Subject: Exporting Michael 4 & Victoria 4 characters from Poser

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  ModeratorReallusion ( posted at 2:33AM Thu, 03 January 2019 

[PenelopeFlynn]( posted at 2:07AM Thu, 03 January 2019 - [#4342744](#msg4342744) > BEWARE!! I was so excited about the prospect of exporting my Poser characters to use in iclone7. I got my husband to buy a Character Creator 3/iclone7 bundle plus some extras from the Reallusion site for me as a Christmas gift. But the bundle that is offered here as well as the one I purchased straight from Reallusion doesn't even do the thing that we Poser users have bought it for. I used the trial then got the Reallusion bundle that was just like the one we are offered on Renderosity except I opted for the 3DXchange instead of Iray. However when I loaded it, the FBX importing function was not there even though it was in the trial version; even though the ad for the seminar I took doesn't reference Character Creator 3 Pipeline but includes the statement that the new CC3 give us all these capabilities. The ONLY bundles offered by Reallusion that have the Character Creator 3 Pipeline are the Holiday bundles offered on their site which I originally thought were the same as the thing I bought. Only after I made my purchase did I realize that we weren't offered the "pipeline" in our bundle or the bundle that was offered to me in the email from Reallusion. I am $398 in, and in order to get the pipeline capabilities I got this for in the first place, I have to pay an additional $149 for the privilege (And that's the "member" price). I have now paid for and loaded an entire system that doesn't do what I need it to do and I am too ashamed and embarrassed to tell my husband that I have wasted the money he gave me to buy this gift. SMH.! [Reallusion Ad.JPG]( Hi PenelopeFlynn, Thanks for addressing this out and kindly reminding anyone who might get confused as you did. I would suggest you to contact RL Support Team to ask for the refund. To others: Here is the comparison table of two CC editions. The CC edition sold at Renderosity site is the **Pipeline edition** which has the function to import your Daz & Poser characters into the program.