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 Subject: Easy was to install all daz content

PaulHairy opened this issue on May 22, 2018 · 43 posts

  PaulHairy ( posted at 4:05AM Mon, 08 October 2018 

Hi All, Just to let you know the latest version of the installer is now available on the website. I have done a major update over the past few weeks. A summary of this update is as follows: 1) Support for Rar 5 files. 2) The installer now has the option to set different paths for your DAZ and Poser content. 3) It can now Automatically set the of DAZ and Poser paths to the same ones used in daz studio. 4) Content it now automatically categorised as either DAZ or poser and copied to the correct Paths. 5) Meta Data is now used to improve the placing of content within daz studio. 6) The routines that hide unneeded files from DAZ studio have been improved so you get a cleaner folder structure within DAZ Studio. Regards, Paul