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 Subject: Easy was to install all daz content

PaulHairy opened this issue on May 22, 2018 · 43 posts

  PaulHairy ( posted at 10:00AM Tue, 31 July 2018 · edited on 10:11AM Tue, 31 July 2018

Hi All, Just to let you know the latest version of the installer is now available on the [Daz Auto Installer Website](] I have done a major update over the past few days. A summary of this update is as follows: 1) Fixed all functions on missing files TAB (Full Version). 2) Fixed issue were read only files were not being extracted from folders. 3) Fixed issue preventing some associated content images from being extracted. 4) Fixed Issue were restricted folders caused folder browser to crash. 5) Fix issue were thumb.db files caused folder copy to hang. 6) Fixed issue were invalid characters in folder names cased folder to be ignored. 7) Installer now automatically extracts uninstallers to skipped folder. 8) My Documents folder added to folder browser. 9) Overall progress indicator added to taskbar icon. 10) Purchase page re-added to website. Regards, Paul