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 Subject: Easy was to install all daz content

PaulHairy opened this issue on May 22, 2018 · 43 posts

  PaulHairy ( posted at 6:01AM Sat, 07 July 2018 

Hi, Thanks for your interest in DAZ Auto Installer. The reason I started developing it in the first place was because I had downloaded loads of free content from all over the place. I then spent hours looking on the internet for tutorials that would tell me where all of the files needed to be copied in order to make them usable in DAZ Studio. I found most of these tutorials confusing however by trial and error I managed to get the content to work. Because I am a programmer I decided I would try to automate the process and thus DAZ auto installer was born. The first stage was making a program able to examine the entire contents of a folder and locate all files and folders usable by DAZ Studio. The next stage was to add support for Archive files. This was a learning curve in itself because the information on extracting files is even harder to find than the information on the DAZ folder structure. Just exacting the file to the library folder is not enough, because as I am sure you are aware, When people create the archive files(zip , rar ,7zip) they don't use a standardized method therefore the required files could be anywhere within the archive. What I decided to do to solve this was inspect every DAZ object file and create a list of its dependent files and the locations where they need to be. Once I have this list I search the archive for each file and extract it to the correct location within the DAZ studio library folder structure. Once I had figured out how to handle archive files I turned my attention to the installers. This was the biggest challenge yet. The reason for this was because most of the installers use a none standard dialog that is not easy to automate. However, to get around this problem I managed to develop a system that could find the buttons on any dialog and click them automatically. The final puzzle I had to solve was old poser installers. I had lots of old installers that would not even run on the newer versions of windows, but me being me I decided there must be a way to get the files out of them. These old installers used a variety of none standard compression methods but again after lots of research I found a way to extract the files. There was still a small problem though because these installers were not created for DAZ Studio they did not have any location information in them. To solve this I created an intelligent naming system that tries to figure out what the object is from its content and then puts it in the correct folder within the DAZ folder structure. (This works well but it does not always get it right, the main thing is that the content is still usable.) So to answer your question, yes I think this is just what you have been looking for. Regards, Paul.