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 Subject: Easy was to install all daz content

PaulHairy opened this issue on May 22, 2018 · 43 posts

  Productionplatform3 ( posted at 5:17PM Fri, 06 July 2018 

Hi, Paul! I'm likely your exact target market for the DAZ AutoInstaller - I have spent loads of money on sites that offer content in non-DAZ-friendly formats and am utterly confused and frustrated with the process of deciphering the wheres and whats to do to get my new files into DAZ. I haven't succeeded yet! I run DAZ on a laptopwith all my data stored on an external drive, so I spend loads of time trying to figure out where my files go. Will your AutoInstaller make it a simple issue to download my new purchases from, say, Rendo and put them where they need to go with no (or at least greatly reduced) headaches? I've got projects on hold because I can't get the awesome models into DAZ so I can illustrate my books...