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 Subject: Easy was to install all daz content

PaulHairy opened this issue on May 22, 2018 · 43 posts

  RabbitTail ( posted at 3:30PM Tue, 03 July 2018 

[jifl]( posted at 3:28PM Tue, 03 July 2018 - [#4332673](#msg4332673) > Sounds good but does anyone have experience of this program? > > I have paid for and downloaded it but both Windows defender and Malawarebytes professional claim that it contains a virus, > > Regards, > > Jifl ya i got that problem too at first but its a false alarm and the software is ace once you get past the initial scare lol it has more content than the demo and u can leave it overnight and all your conetnt is there in teh morning its great!