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 Subject: Daz Studio 4.9 Big Changes Incoming!!

ghosty12 opened this issue on Oct 28, 2015 · 501 posts

  Male_M3dia ( posted at 11:40AM Tue, 03 November 2015 · edited on 11:45AM Tue, 03 November 2015

[ssgbryan]( posted at 12:34PM Tue, 03 November 2015 - [#4236680](#msg4236680) > > One of the issues that hasn't been addressed vis-a-vis staying on DS 4.8 forever is if a future change to the underlying operating system that breaks DS 4.8. This has already happened more than once in the OSX world (10-4 to 10.5) - that's is why Hexagon didn't work under OSX for 4 years. How many of you are willing to chance that? DAZ depreciates earlier versions as each new version is released. If you're referring when Apple dropped Rosetta support, then your argument is very misleading as every piece of software broke that relied on it, requiring you to upgrade to programs that used the intel architecture exclusively. Very few of those upgrades were free and some programs just died in the transition. There is a development cost to updating programs, if resources aren't there at the time to do the work, the updating won't happen until those resources are freed... because that's how businesses work. The thing about OS upgrades, particularly on a Mac is that you aren't guaranteed a free upgrade if you decide to switch to a new OS. Apple even killed some of their own programs with no replacement when you moved to a different OS, so I'm not sure why you would single out DAZ for something Apple (and Microsoft) does too when you update. Keep in mind also when people upgraded to IE11, it killed their versions of Poser until SM made a patch for the newer versions, but some versions got depreciated as a result.