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 Subject: Daz Studio 4.9 Big Changes Incoming!!

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  wolf359 ( posted at 9:13AM Mon, 02 November 2015 · edited on 9:18AM Mon, 02 November 2015

**"@wolf359 Perhaps it is best if we don't go labelling other countries as enemy lands I doubt it would be helpful sending this thread along its merry way. Renderosity is a global website DRM is a global issue. Please keep this in mind"** Sorry perhaps I should Clarify that I mean countries that have proven themsevles to be "enemies" of U.S. Copyright laws Not going to Derail the thread further with specifics but I invite you to ask Microsoft from where they have found the greatest number of Illegal Copies of "office" or Ask Paramount where "R5" Copy or "Cam" Copy of their Latest blockbuster often originates. back to topic **"Apparently that's not a viewpoint you can relate to. DAZ is certainly not as fun of a place to deal with as it was back in 1997."** Perhaps not but as a Character animator I can attest that posers animation tools give me the exact same Experience I "enjoyed" back in 1997 :confounded: (Thanking Allah for the Existence of Iclone).