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 Subject: Daz Studio 4.9 Big Changes Incoming!!

ghosty12 opened this issue on Oct 28, 2015 · 501 posts

  Khory_D ( posted at 1:13AM Sun, 01 November 2015 

_Oh. So it's basically a DRM thing, forcing users to install content from inside the client, so that it will be harder to install things obtained in a shady fashion without DAZ knowing about it. I am okay with this._ Partly, they have also really beefed up smart content. Someones been working like crazy getting older stuff better organized and they have added some pluses to the smart content pane as well. One is that the info tab at the bottom contains much more information than it did in the past. It also is suppose to be able to link directly from the product there to the read me information. I did it once and can not for the life of me figure out how I did it so I'm at least nominally confused by that one though. There is also a shop in there that has freaked a few people out because they are afraid it will be invasive or constantly in contact with the store. Of course the reality there is that it is so unobtrusive that I've had to help several people actually locate it. And the information presented is sort of "rote" and related to your category selection rather than exactly what you as an individual might crave. Its kind of cool to see things that way though and I will say that the images are making it much easier for me to locate things in smart content. Something I was resistant to until now. I did a couple of speed tests the other day. My average download for characters and hair was around 32 second on my fairly middling internet. That also would have been when the servers were pretty slammed.
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