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 Subject: Daz Studio 4.9 Big Changes Incoming!!

ghosty12 opened this issue on Oct 28, 2015 · 501 posts

  Razor42 ( posted at 8:55PM Sat, 31 October 2015 · edited on 9:09PM Sat, 31 October 2015

[WandW]( posted at 12:26PM Sun, 01 November 2015 - [#4236175](#msg4236175) > [Zev0]( posted at 11:31AM Sat, 31 October 2015 - [#4235788](#msg4235788) > > > [WandW]( posted at 5:08PM Thu, 29 October 2015 - [#4235778](#msg4235778) > > > > > DAZ is no longer a small shop run by a group of artists, but is now but one small piece of a $80 Billion dollar corporation, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, and has to contribute to their bottom line... > > > > Say what now? > > Sorry for the delay, Zev, as I got no eBots. > > Yes, DAZ is owned by NTT DOMOCO Innovations, formerly (until 1 October) NTT DOMOCO Capital, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT DoMoCo, the largest wireless carrier in Japan, which is majority owned and controlled by NTT, the big Japanese telecom company. They had a huge stake in Gizmoz, which merged with DAZ in 2009, and apparently acquired the rest of DAZ in 2011. Here is a list of companies they own... > > > > > Regarding Terry's comment about Poser's ownership, (which I suppose was off topic here :wink: ) Yes, Poser has been owned by other _**software**_ companies for over a decade (and was bought by MetaCreations back in the 1990s before being spun off into Curious Labs as well). However, Poser's management has remained mostly intact through this period, unlike at DAZ, where most (along with many of their in-house artists) were shown the door... > > EDIT; Highway 12 Ventures apparently still has a stake; info on privately held companies is hard to find... Forgive me but both NTT DOMOCO innovations (Honestly the only place I can find a stated relationship between DOMOCO and DAZ3D is on DOMOCO own portfolio page which you linked it doesn't really say we (DOMOCO) own DAZ3D anywhere there either, as a portfolio page it could be there is another relationship such as investment or it could even mean they sold them some telecommunications gear at one point making them part of the portfolio of DOMOCO {LINK PLS to confirmation?}) and Highway 12 Ventures are both [Investment Groups]( (From what I can see DAZ3D has had 2 rounds of investment in the last few years one in 2011 and later in 2014 and currently DAZ3D has 4 major investors), Smith Micro on the other hand OWNS Poser outright. There is a vast difference between ownership and investment. So to say "Poser's" team is unchanged is pure fiction "Poser" doesn't have a CFO or CEO or even Staff but Smith Micro does. Poser is an asset of Smith Micro, not a company. Daz3D is entirely operated as an independent company, with from my understanding modern investors that believe that capital is the main asset an investor provides to the operation of a business. And from my understanding Gizmos was more of an acquisition then a merger. But sometimes small adjustments to words can misrepresent an idea greatly ;) or just make the person saying it feel better about the actual situation. I'm not sure what any of this has to do with DS 4.9 anyway or really why you seem to be trying to tell a story with very few facts, it comes across as slightly malicious like you're planting seeds of disinformation for a particular reason? ...