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 Subject: Daz Studio 4.9 Big Changes Incoming!!

ghosty12 opened this issue on Oct 28, 2015 · 501 posts

  Khory_D ( posted at 10:17PM Thu, 29 October 2015 · edited on 10:17PM Thu, 29 October 2015

"They're converting Studio into another storefront. The ability to render the content you buy from them is becoming its secondary purpose. The main goal is to make advertising to the users prominent and make purchasing seamless. They'll get more impulse buys than ever before. "Hey your scene has V7 and some ropes in it - click here to buy some chains, whip cream and a new S&M outfit which will be automatically installed and populated into your scene." That's where this is going. They could have done tons of things to fix how users install their content to achieve their purported goal of addressing all the "I can't find my stuff" support tickets they're whining about - integrating directly with the store isn't necessary for that." Yes, they are adding a little window that will show options from the store. But as store fronts go its pretty small since it is a section at the bottom of the smart content tab. And since it is so unobtrusive most people can't even find it at first I doubt if it will be super distracting unless people are looking to be distracted. Nor does it seem to actually be as aware of my content as you seem to think it should be. By the way what your calling "whining" is them actually listening to what many customers have trouble with and trying to address it and simplify it. I have been at this a long time and I am pretty confident about where my content is. In fact I am pretty old school so I never really learned to use smart content.... Until now. It is so much easier to really see what the content is with Smart content that when I am just looking to see if something inspires me or strikes me vs me going right to what I know I am about to use. Now if after 10 years I suddenly find it easier to locate things how much easier must it be for someone just starting out?
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