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 Subject: Daz Studio 4.9 Big Changes Incoming!!

ghosty12 opened this issue on Oct 28, 2015 · 501 posts

  LPR001 ( posted at 5:15PM Wed, 28 October 2015 

[Zev0]( posted at 7:45AM Thu, 29 October 2015 - [#4235667](#msg4235667) > Yes they said the same thing when PC club rules were changed, when Genesis 2 replaced Genesis 1, and when Genesis 3 arrived so soon. People don't like change and the venting you see is a natural occurrence. Exactly a storm in a teacup. We should not lose sight of the fact Daz give away the software, allow you to buy products and utilize from outside of their domain, make your own content and if you wish sell it at any number of outlets including their own store. Or if you're like me export everything out for use in other software. Not many companies on the planet give you that much freedom you usually have a ball and chain. We click agree on their terms of use it is only fair we let them protect what content they do have and the vendors who produce it for their store. Piracy has all but killed the music industry and now the film industry are kicking and screaming as suffering the same. You challenge somebody who has stolen your product you get a response "You should be happy that I thought enough of it to steal it" dealing with that mentality I fully understand Daz's moves towards DRM providing it is stable system we should support it. After all you paid your hard earned money for the content you are using why should the theives be able to utilize it for free. IMO that is more of a slap in the face than anything Daz are doing. Of course they also had the option to charge for the software somebody can correct me here but wasn't it "Daz 4.5 FREE for a limited time" ? Lose in one area make up for it in another.

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