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 Subject: slightly soapy water

xpdev opened this issue on Feb 26, 2014 · 85 posts

  EventMobil ( posted at 11:20PM Tue, 12 August 2014 

If you can use the compound node (PP2014 only), then I recommend doing so. It is very easy to include in your existing material (see screenshot). However, please don't forget to copy any tinting color from your initial material to the input color of the foam shader. Example: If your initial material sends a texture map to the diffuse of the Poser Surface, then what you need to do is the following: Click on the FoamShader diffuse input color (right side of the compound node). With the upcoming color picker go to the poser surface diffuse input color and pick the color from there. Then disable the Poser Surface Diffuse by setting the value to 0 (zero), disconnect whatever was connected to the Poser Surface input and connect the same instead with the FoamShader Diffuse Input. Same procedure for the Displacement, and same for Specularity.

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