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 Subject: slightly soapy water

xpdev opened this issue on Feb 26, 2014 · 85 posts

  EventMobil ( posted at 9:13PM Thu, 07 August 2014 

I beg for some patience, am getting close to where I want to reach, but some details are tricky. I'm currently adding a limiter to fade out the foam upwards, because otherwise it would make a strict cut at the next texture seam (i.e. neck texture). So I'm implementing another p-node logic to slowly end the foam at any height above ground without friction. Also I need to implement some water drops on the skin where there is no foam, to make the skin look real wet, but that shouldn't be an issue. Today's image shows, that you can even come pretty close to the object and the shader still creates the illusion. I think this is the closest you can get for a shot. I have currently created a compound node (PP2014) which is so easy to use, every child could do it. But I will also provide a mat-file and a screenshot of the nodeswith some explanation. This will be important to understand where you can tweak the material to your liking in terms of glossiness of the foam (wetness), location pattern of the foam (foam to skin percentage), fluffiness of the foam (displacement) and also on the upcoming water drops. 4.10 a.m. in my place now, starting to mess things up, so I'm going to sleep ;-)

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