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 Subject: slightly soapy water

xpdev opened this issue on Feb 26, 2014 · 85 posts

  EventMobil ( posted at 3:26PM Mon, 04 August 2014 

@ Miss Nancy: Yes, I am already using the p-node to handle foam and specularity. I felt the p-node more appropriate than the v-node anyway, because it makes the shader more flexible and universal (it can be applied to any other item in the bathtub the same way, and I also thought of using it for washing a car ;-)) Thank you so much for the link to ShareCG, I can't wait to look into it to see what they did there.   @Bagginsbill: Hey, good to know you are back from holiday? Here we are getting close to what I was hoping for, some expert advice on the specularity and SSS. Me, even if I have quite a lot of mathematical knowledge and education, I still approach things in Poser as coming from traditional arts, trying to find out whether or not things 'look' right for me, not knowing much about the entire specularity/reflection/refraction-system in mathematical terms. However, as I plan to give the thing away and probably add it to freeware packages like EZSkin2, I am grateful for any suggestion which can improve the benefit of the community. Basically the whole foam is a fake, it is neither transparent, nor translucent. I am just creating 'shader layers', displacing the surface and changing the color and specularity, am adding small bubbles with a node and making them sparkle in different colors with a color ramp. Am struggling with adding some SSS, but I think I am doing it wrong, I am stuck at the moment. I grew the shader on a figure, and now I need to extract the foam thing from the original skin. As soon as I have done this separation, would you mind having a look at it and see where we can improve it? I remember having seen an incredible styro-foam shader from you, which actually gave me the idea of trying on bathing foam. But I only had your image of the styro-foam, I don't know if you gave the shader away, so I just tried figuring out how you might have done it.

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