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 Subject: slightly soapy water

xpdev opened this issue on Feb 26, 2014 · 85 posts

  bagginsbill ( posted at 2:03PM Mon, 04 August 2014 · edited on 2:06PM Mon, 04 August 2014

> Quote - however use of diffuse + specular = 11 violates fresnel's law. No it doesn't. I now use 90 on my specular. With Fresnel but that's not the important point about the 90. The total amount of "real" reflection (diffuse + specular) cannot exceed 1 times the total amount of "real" light offered. Our light sources are hugely out of whack from a math representation standpoint with regard to diffuse vs. specular intensity. None of the numbers we use are real. Real diffuse values are typically less than .05, while we proudly type in .8 and nod to each other about how we know better than those poor dolts who use 1. Speculars are typically around .3 to .9. I'm talking about *real* not Poser node numbers, but if I put less than 30 in it looks weaker than it's supposed to be.

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