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 Subject: slightly soapy water

xpdev opened this issue on Feb 26, 2014 · 85 posts

  EventMobil ( posted at 12:24PM Mon, 04 August 2014 

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I have reallized that the good thing about still using the native 'Specular' channel is, that it is almost always unused in modern textures. So it is very easy to add this effect to any (even complicated) existing shader crowd. Otherwise you could blend it into an existing specular construction with a blender node, of course. I am currently working on adding bathing foam, which can be applied to the entire skin, but will become active only above a certain water surface height. Then I need to solve specularity the same way, because specularity on skin happens only above the water, not under water. Here is a first attempt (Ted, please don't shout at me over the water surface, hahaa, I know I shouldn't use transparency, but instead refraction and reflection and the fresnel, it is just a trial render for the rough functionallity of it ;-))

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