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 Subject: Dealing with shoulder bulges in conforming clothing

basicwiz opened this issue on Jul 10, 2013 · 17 posts

  headwax. ( posted at 12:11AM Thu, 11 July 2013 · edited on 12:13AM Thu, 11 July 2013

wow, that was an interesting comment, thanks for taking the time to do that basicwiz , and the tips vilters I work mainly in Carrara and love Poser 2014 as a Carrara plug in (tongue in cheek here)  In Carrara I always pose from the shoulders, never from the collars and that seems to solve the problem with really silly shoulders on the clothes.  I'll have to go and look at the conformed clothes I have and see what  is the reason again.  thanks again, glad I dropped by today.  PS the fitting  room and the new morph tools in poser are unbecradably  good ;)