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 Subject: Dealing with shoulder bulges in conforming clothing

basicwiz opened this issue on Jul 10, 2013 · 17 posts

  vilters ( posted at 5:25PM Wed, 10 July 2013 

Tighten, Smooth are the main tools that are automated in the fitting room. Sometimes you have more control in the fitting room, sometimes you have more control with the brushes. Mostly I use the Tighten brush at Radius 1, and Magnitude 0.2 Then PAINT the Smooth with a smaller Smooth brush to maintain the details in the mesh of the clothing If the clothing is symmetrical you can use the mirror funtion, otherwise you have to PAINT the Smooth on both sides. => Tighten with the full brush at Radius 1, and Paint the Smooth with a smaller brush if the clothing has mesh details. Always use a low Magnitude and go slowly. :-) Happy Posering

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