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 Subject: Dealing with shoulder bulges in conforming clothing

basicwiz opened this issue on Jul 10, 2013 · 17 posts

  vilters ( posted at 5:16PM Wed, 10 July 2013 

Some extra tips; **First:** For collars and so that come close the the chin of the face or the hair on the figure: - The Moprh brush does not "see" hidden groups. => Turn visibility of the Hair OFF => If you have hair hanging over the collars/shoulders => Turn visibility on the Head OFF => If the chin or ears get in the way of high collars. You can now use the Morph brushes to "fit -  tighten" high collars on clothing. The morph brush works on all visible groups and ignores invisible groups. **Second:** You only have to do one side, then click the mirror button below to let poser do the other side **Third:** 0.002 is a good starting value **Four:** If you want to "fit-thighten"  a complete clothing item: Position the clothing as close as you can get it. Select tighten brush and select the largest brush and use a Radius of 1, and set the Magnitude at 0.2 Now... Gently do a single stroke with the thighten brush. Select Smooth brush at a Radius of 1 and Magnitude of 0.2 Do a single Smooth stroke Alternate thighten brush and smooth brush untill you get the "fit" required. Thighten, smooth, tighten, smooth, tighten, smooth If you go a step too far, click undo + undo, and you should be good to go.   Happy Posering

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