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 Subject: Helping Poser Newbies

basicwiz opened this issue on Apr 23, 2012 · 504 posts

  basicwiz ( posted at 9:43AM Wed, 10 July 2013 

> Quote - Well, I'm back :(   > >  I tried to install Poser Pro 2012 this morning and all seemed to be going well, untill it froze my computer. I mean brought it to a dead stop, wouldn't respond to anything. > > It happened during the "Installing Poser Figures" phase.  Got the green bar... nothing, didn't move on, wouldn't respond to the Control, ALt, Delete command nothing. Cancel bar was greyed out, I couldn't even get to my start menu. > > I had to do a hard shut down on my computer.. which I really didn't like, but oh well. > > Has anyone else had this problem and could you maybe suggest what I did wrong or could try over? > > I did have the PP2012 icon on my desk top, but when I tried to use it, I got an error about how PP2012 couldn't start because of a side by side configuration or setup problem, I don't remember. I went into add/remove programs and uninstalled content and the PP2012 exe.  > > I'd appreciate any help offered. > > thanks Contact Smith Micro. This is the sort of issue they are the most qualified to help you with.