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 Subject: Helping Poser Newbies

basicwiz opened this issue on Apr 23, 2012 · 544 posts

  Cimaira ( posted at 10:57PM Tue, 18 June 2013 

Well, I got pushed into the deep end of the pool without floaties, and I have a couple of questions.   This is not about using Poser, but installing Poser. My old XP machine crashed, I was using Poser 7.  Well, now I have a brand spanking new machine, and OS, Windows 7. So I have to learn not only Windows 7, but....  I'm also going to finally install PoserPro 2012, not even going to load Poser 7 on this new machine, or I wont move on, lol.  So, I've read this whole thread, and I think I know what to do, but I want to double check. First a little info.. Win7 Pro 64bit i7cpu 8GB ram GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTS250 All my content is on an external drive, the only thing I had in the Poser app folder was the program..duh, lol... and scripts. So...getting to the point.  Can I put my Poser in C:/Programs since I put my content on an external drive. And I don't remember, do shaders also need to be in the app folder to work? Or can I put them on my external drive? Can I just install the 64bit app?  Do I have to install the content that comes with Poser with the program install or can I go back and do it later? I'll also need the SR, can I download that to any folder and run it, or does it have to be in the app folder? Sorry to be so long winded, but I wanted to make sure I put all the info you might need to answer my questions. I'm sure I'll be back later with questions on  using PP2012, lol Thanks in advance!