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 Subject: Tips on Tattoos?

momodot opened this issue on Jun 24, 2005 · 20 posts

  hornet3d ( posted at 3:26PM Thu, 17 May 2012 

I used the layers method, outlined by Blackhearted, in PaintPhopPro to apply this tattoo (which I purchased) and I was fairly happy with the result.



I use Poser Pro 2014 on Windows 7 - Set up is a quiet running PC thanks mainly to a Fractal design F4 case and 6 large fans, a Seasonic 850w X-series PSU.  Setup is Intel i7 3770k, Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5-TH with 60G m-sata to accelearate one 1TB Hard drive, Gigabyte 2Gig 7850 and 32Gig ram (6X2).  Storage is 1 X 180G SSD, 1X 2Tb Samsung Ecos + 2 X 1tb Spinpoint F3s.