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 Subject: Helping Poser Newbies

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  paganeagle2001 ( posted at 11:41AM Wed, 16 May 2012 

How I normally do a Conforming to Dynamic:- Make sure item is loaded in Poser in default load in position (T pose). File menuExportWavfront OBJ. Single FrameOK button. Switch off everything except the item you want to export. Ok button. Weld body part seams onInclude body part names in polygon groups on. Select OK button. Browse to where you want to save your OBJ. Give file a name and save.   To bring back in:- Have character in scene ready. File menuImportWavefront OBJ. Browse to where you saved your OBJ to. Load in. Make sure you have Animation bar on screen, if not:- Window menuAnimation Controls Click in the 0001 Frame section and change this to 20. Change your figures pose to something else. Now change the Frame back to 0001. Character will be back into T pose.   Cloth Room Create New Simulation. Set Self Collision on. I make the Drape frames to 10, but that's just me!! OK button.   Clothify buttonObject to clothify (the item you loaded, you can find it in the Prop option). Select the Clothify button.   Colide Against:- Select V4, now if the item is long and reaches the floor, then also add teh Floor.   Make sure Start from Zero poistion is on.   Use the Ignore options if required.   Select the OK button.   Select the Calculate Simulation button.   The simulation will now start.   Wait untilk teh simulation stops, back to Pose room and render.   All the best. LROG

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