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  FreeBass ( posted at 6:01PM Mon, 30 April 2012 

> Quote - My Feet Wont Lift Off The Ground?????? > > Ok, we have all done this one and it's easier than you think. > > You try to bend your characters shin and....... the foot will NOT leave the floor!!!! > > Easy to solve. > > Just select the Figure Menu at the top of the screen. > > Select the Use Inverse Kinematics option. > > Is there a tick at the side of the Left or Right leg options? If so........ > > Select the Left Leg option. The Tick will be removed. > > Repeat the above for the Right leg. Again the Tick will be removed. > > Now you can bend those shins and the feet will lift off the floor. > > All the best. > > LROG   **Handy IK Trick for Poser** Works on P7 (and I assume onwards); if anyone can confirm if it works on older versions, please do.   I do this with any Characters I find myself using frequently.    1) Load your *character figure* ("person") of choice into an empty scene and apply any morphs/ texures you desire. 2) Turn off IK on the legs. 3) Load a second *figure* into your scene, and conform or parent it to your character. It doesn't matter what you choose (clothes, hair, accessory, chainsaw, whatever). 4) Make sure your *character* is selected, then save him/ her back into the Figures Library under a new name.   *Here's the "Trick"*...   5) When you save, Poser will ask you if you want to save the Whole Group or Individual Figure. Choose *Whole Group*.   Now every time you load your newly saved favorite character, it will appear with the second figure attached and *the IK will be off by default*.   *Note that this ONLY works if you add a second figure, not a parented Prop or Hair object from the Hair Library


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