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 Subject: Helping Poser Newbies

basicwiz opened this issue on Apr 23, 2012 · 485 posts

  Khai-J-Bach ( posted at 7:03PM Sun, 29 April 2012 

> Quote - The real problem, as I see it, trying to support older version of Poser in this thread is the extreme changes in technology that have occurred, especially between 7 and 8 and between 8 and 9. > > Lighting especially is problematical. If you ask how to do lighting in Poser 7, you get discussions of IBL and AO, both of which are totally obsoltete (and as a mat6ter of fact can cause probelms) as we begin to move toward IDL. > > I'm not saying don't ask, but *I AM* saying that we need to be careful in answering those questions that we address the Poser version that the answer is pointed toward. > > If you are a newbie and you just bought Poser 7 to get into the hobby on the cheap, then I am afraid you are about to learn a WHOLE BUNCH of things that you will then have to unlearn when you move up to a more modern version of Poser. I know not everyone agrees with this, but I can't think of an arguement that refutes the logic. > > At this point, anyone not running Poser 8 or later is flatly running old technology and to get newbie answers on that old technology is going to be increasingly diffucult as the more knowlegable users "move on." > > **The net result of my ramblings? If you ask a question, post the version of Poser you are using. If you post a hint, specify the version of Poser it works for. If you are a newbie be ****VERY**** careful that you don''t read advice on the wrong version.**   *then make it simple. 1 thread for P7/Pro, one for P8+.* *problem solved. just point ppl to the thread they need.*