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 Subject: Helping Poser Newbies

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  FutureFantasyDesign ( posted at 5:28PM Sat, 28 April 2012 · edited on 5:30PM Sat, 28 April 2012

> Quote - > Quote - I realize that PP2012 is all the rage, but I am wondering how many users have it? I, for one, don't - I simply can't afford it. A great many tips and tricks are geared towards that app, leaving us poor folk with PP2010 or Poser 7 out in the cold. In tips for newbies, can this be taken into consideration. Just sayin'.... > > > >   > > > > C~ > >   > > soo agreee, im still using P7 - and im glad for this thread, IVe been using poser for over 5 years.. and was always too scared to ask in here because no one would ever answer the newbies simple questions. Ive picked most of it up by myself - but ive already learnt new things in this one thread Oh I agree I love poser 7! I have 5 & 6, and now PP2010/PP2012, of course 7 too, and it was the one that made me really love poser! I also agree that often asking questions results in 50 "looks" and no responses. So I too appreciate the thread here. You can't know everything, (*unless you are Bagginsbill! LOL!) but everytime I learn something new my renders improve. I also collect render settings, from vendors I admire, to ones that are posted in forums. I would love to see some addition SS's of render settings using the back end Preview settings. Does the Deoth Bias and AO actually effect the render, or just the preview? If it effects the render, could someone share their setting via SS's??? And any other settings they have sucess with? I look for crisp imagery, and good shadows. Speak of shadows, on the shadow blur radius in the parameters section, how do you get soft edge fall off & hard edge fall off? So some SS's of those settings would be wonderful too! hborre? You still watching this? You always have the very best ideas and suggestions! I would be very grateful to anyone who helps with these questions. Ariana

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