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 Subject: Yet another node question..

SerpentineFire opened this issue on Jul 25, 2011 · 59 posts

  SerpentineFire ( posted at 8:21AM Tue, 26 July 2011 

> Quote - A texture like this, allways needs a very good displacement map to give it its thickness; to get "life" in the cloth. Without a displacement map, it WILL allways look like bad bodypaint. > > The mask BB is talking about is to get that silk shine ONLY on the silk cloth. > > The skin looks "dull" also, and a blin nodo can help with that too. > > Read BB's post very carefully. > > Or send the origional cloth texture, and I"ll see what I can do tonight. > []( Thank you but don't worry about it. It's really not important.