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 Subject: Yet another node question..

SerpentineFire opened this issue on Jul 25, 2011 · 59 posts

  SerpentineFire ( posted at 8:19AM Tue, 26 July 2011 

> Quote - If you don't know how to make either shader, then you won't know how to make a shader that does both. > > You don't have a reasonable skin shader and you don't have a reasonable silk shader. Specular effects are prominent on both although they are very different. > > In your original post you asked how to put the shine only in some places not others. I didn't know you should first have asked how to put shine on anything at all.  > > Now where to begin and how far to go? Hmmm. > > Well - first I'd use a Blinn specular node, white, .35, .4, .4 on the values, for the skin. That would go in the Alternate_Specular channel, with the channel value set to white. > > For the silky part, I might use the Anisotropic specular node. But that isn't really going to look  very real unless you do a lot of work. First, the cloth is not all silk - some is lace which is even less shiny than skin. Second, it needs to be 3-dimensional. Otherwise it will look like body paint. > > Then to combine, you run a Blender into Alternate_Specular to choose which specular to use. > > A line from the movie Untouchables comes to mind - What are you prepared to do? > > I like that word - prepared. It applies to you here. It is about what you're willing to do, as well as what you're *able* to do. You have to learn a lot more than how to use a Blender.   Don't worry about it, you are right in you assesment. I have no idea what I am doing, and probably have no business trying to. I shall leave it to the professionals such as yourself.