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 Subject: Yet another node question..

SerpentineFire opened this issue on Jul 25, 2011 · 59 posts

  bagginsbill ( posted at 6:36AM Tue, 26 July 2011 · edited on 6:38AM Tue, 26 July 2011

If you don't know how to make either shader, then you won't know how to make a shader that does both. You don't have a reasonable skin shader and you don't have a reasonable silk shader. Specular effects are prominent on both although they are very different. In your original post you asked how to put the shine only in some places not others. I didn't know you should first have asked how to put shine on anything at all.  Now where to begin and how far to go? Hmmm. Well - first I'd use a Blinn specular node, white, .35, .4, .4 on the values, for the skin. That would go in the Alternate_Specular channel, with the channel value set to white. For the silky part, I might use the Anisotropic specular node. But that isn't really going to look  very real unless you do a lot of work. First, the cloth is not all silk - some is lace which is even less shiny than skin. Second, it needs to be 3-dimensional. Otherwise it will look like body paint. Then to combine, you run a Blender into Alternate_Specular to choose which specular to use. A line from the movie Untouchables comes to mind - What are you prepared to do? I like that word - prepared. It applies to you here. It is about what you're willing to do, as well as what you're *able* to do. You have to learn a lot more than how to use a Blender.

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