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 Subject: POSER's units

Desiderius opened this issue on Mar 01, 2009 · 44 posts

  geep ( posted at 9:05AM Fri, 20 March 2009 

Ah HA. The "kicker" here is *"my modeler"* ... which is what? I do not know nor do I care to try and figure out what scale *"my modeler"* is using. However, if one creates a cube in **any** modeler (that uses Wavefron OBJect units) and makes that cube exactly 1.000 Wavefront OBJect units in size then when that object is exported from that modeler (providing that the scale is **not modified** by the modeler's export routine* and then  imported into Poser (without changing it's Scale, i.e., UNcheck "Percent of ...") then said object cube will be exactly 100 DGS inches in (any version of) Poser. * which can be easily done in Carrara if the Scale is not (re)set to 100% in the Assembly Room before export cheers, dr geep ;=]

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dr geep ... :o]

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