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 Subject: POSER's units

Desiderius opened this issue on Mar 01, 2009 · 44 posts

  bagginsbill ( posted at 8:49AM Fri, 20 March 2009 

But DG, the meaning of a OBJ unit (and therefore a Poser Native Unit) is arbitrary and left to the individual software. Desiderius said "At first I modelled a 1m edge length cube in x0y0z0 position with my modeller software and save it as object file." But what does that mean? If his modeler declares that 1 meter = 1 OBJ unit, yet Poser import declares that 1 OBJ unit = 1 PNU = 103.2 inches, that's a problem. How does DGS come into play here? I understand you love DGS and find it really useful. But you have not yet explained how desiderius gets his 1 meter modeled cube into Poser as a 1 meter Poser cube. How does DGS help there? A DGS meter is not a Poser meter. Nor are we actually sure that 1 model meter = 1 OBJ unit.

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